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FundedX will facilitate the trading of shares for high-growth startups and privately-held companies so that legacy shareholders can monetize their returns

secured by blockchain

FundedX is a game changer that will help to bring much needed liquidity to the private market. We see this new platform as a complementary and natural extension of FundedHere’s current offering that will support yet another key stage of the funding cycle for emerging companies.

Daniel Lin

Co-Founder and Executive Director of FundedHere

Providing Liquidity On A Trusted Platform

Employees can realize stock options immediately

Investors can participate 

earlier for higher returns

A new initiative by         FundedHere

Secured with blockchain on a regulated platform

" Not all emerging companies are on an immediate pathway to IPO. FundedX gives shareholders of promising startups the option to liquidate their stake while the business remains private. "

Rachel Lim

Co-Founder of Love Bonito

" FundedX offers early investors and previous employees an opportunity to obtain liquidity from their shares in private companies. This comes at a great timing as some of these investors of private unicorns would be sitting on a huge paper gains and can now actually realize them. "

Darius Cheung

Founder and CEO of

" No one has created a private platform that is able to deal with the logistical challenges that come with dealing with many shareholders and investors of a company. FundedX has not only found practical solutions to enable the buying and selling of shares in private companies, but also done so on a regulated and transparent platform that boosts investor confidence. "

Reuben Lai

Senior Managing Director of Grab Financial Group

Employees with stock options can submit verification of ownership to participate on platform


Investors submit buy requests and matched using FundedX's algorithm


Trade is completed on a blockchain smart contract for safe and cost efficient trade within 2 weeks


Through FundedX, legacy shareholders such as ex-employees and early investors can monetize their returns. Employees with stock options seeking partial liquidity can also submit verification of ownership to participate on the platform. Interested investors can submit buy requests which will be processed through FundedX’s algorithm to match transactions. Once shareholders and investors are paired on the platform, the company, whose shares are being transacted, will then need to approve the sale and deal terms for the transaction go through. FundedX aims to have end-to-end process completed within two weeks.

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FundedHere is Singapore’s first crowdfunding platform to offer both equity and debt deals for promising companies. It has built an ecosystem for investors and businesses, utilising Singapore as a springboard for Asia. Since FundedHere’s launch in 2016, the platform has raised over S$10 million across 21 campaigns. It has a Capital Market Services License from the Monetary Authority of Singapore, which permits them to issue shares.